ezLeague Pro: v1.3.5 Released!

It’s been a long time since the last site update, but ezLeague Pro is still alive and well with ezLeague Pro v1.3.5 released for the #1 Online Gaming League script!

Many of these features had been completed weeks ago, but a long review and more testing was necessary before release.
For those of you wondering…no, I’m not deadl. I simply had to take time away to handle a multitude of personal issues, and was unable to dedicate the necessary time to ezLeague Pro the last 6-8 weeks. That’s all in the past now, and am ready to get back to business!
Though it may look small, this version update is HUGE. Here are the big updates:
1) Customizable E-Mail Settings — In your Admin Panel, you’ll find additional options for E-Mail Settings. ezLeague Pro now offers PEAR, phpMail and normal mail() settings/functionality. Now you choose how emails are sent!
2) Custom User Profile Fields — This was a long time waiting, but a good one. For those of you wanting to be able to create custom profile fields for your users, you now have that ability through the admin panel.
3) Real Time Comment System — To spice up the News Comment System, it’s now shown in REAL TIME. Comments refresh on a 5second interval, displaying in “real time” to users viewing News Posts.
  • 32 bracket listing incorrect teams
  • contact form non-pear mail
  • custom user profile fields
  • edit / delete news comments + real time comment system
  • add steam social network link
  • customizable e-mail settings

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  1. Chris Reply

    Where can this be downloaded. Github does not seem to have the latest version. Thanks!

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