The long awaited ezLeague Gaming League Script Tournament Feature is nearing completion, with the imminent release set for later today (April 25th) or early tomorrow (April 26th). With the admin side completed, the past 10 days has been dedicated to the front-end development of the tournament feature that the site users will see. If you are a developer, check the ezLeague GitHub Repository for complete details regarding tournament feature code commits and pushes.

For the front-end, there was a lot of emphasis put on the layout and structure of the tournament details. The goal for any site or application is to make it as easy as possible for the user, and with the front-end tournament details, the ezLeague Online Gaming League Script has definitely stuck to that philosophy.

Whether you are a team admin, team member or just a regular user browsing the site, viewing the tournament details and bracket has been compounded into only 1 or 2 pages, split up by the 4 different tournament types (public, private, running and completed).

All tournaments are accessed from the Tournaments page, which lists all the basic tournament details in a table format. They can view the tournament name, format, registration information and links to both the tournament bracket and rules. The tournament bracket page shows not only the matchups, but a separate list of the registered teams along with another panel displaying the tournament details. With 4 different tournament bracket types (4, 8, 16, 32), there were small challenges met in designing the bracket layout.

Being able to view the tournament matchups within the bracket was fundamental, but the important details of the matchups needed to be displayed too.Since there are a number of various data points, the challenge was creating a responsive design for the bracket that would be viewable across different devices and browser widths. Users can easily see the match teams, scores, winner, round and map from the bracket overview. There is also a match details link available to view individual details from each tournament match. For the team admins, tournament control and administration can be found under the My Teams page.

Similar to the league functionality, team admins and team members can view the list of participating tournaments, along with links to their schedule and matchups. The only difference between admins and members, is that admins have the ability to modify the match details, submit scores and communicate with their opponents team admin. Members are only able to view this information. Like the league functionality, team admins must communicate to set a date and time for the match, along with details regarding the server and match moderator (if necessary). The site admins are able to view all of this information from the admin panel.

With site admins having access to all match details, they have the ability to modify any of the data points, along with being able to add their own chat messages. When an admin adds a chat message, it will be noted in the chat log display that the message came from a site admin.

The bulk of development has been finished, with only testing and minor code refactoring to be completed. Stay tuned later today, or early tomorrow, for the ezLeague Online Gaming League Script Tournament Feature to be released, which will be marked under ezLeague v3.5.

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