ezLeague v3.5 & Tournament Feature Released

After about 3 weeks of development and testing, I am proud to announce the release of ezLeague v3.5, the online gaming league script which is now fully equipped with a new tournament feature. Capable of hosting brackets consisting of 4, 8, 16 or 32 teams, the brand new ezLeague tournament feature allows users to create both public and private tournaments. With the already powerful league feature, users can create tournaments for games on any platform or console, PC or XBOX. The ezLeague v3.5 release is a major update to the Online Gaming League Script, and offers an increase in functionality beyond the tournament feature. These additional features, all of which are built into the backend admin panel, are aimed at Site Admins being able to start and manage leagues and tournaments with more ease than before.

One of these new features includes the ability to create both new users and teams. When creating a new user, admins enter the new accounts username, password and site role (admin or user), and can also assign that new user to a team. There is also the option of having a notification email sent to the new user, complete with their automatically generated password. This new feature is complimented by the create a team functionality.

To go along with the new account creation feature, site admins can now just as easily create a new team, and assign the new team’s admin. Only the team name and team abbreviation/tag are required, so if the team admin is unknown at the time, those team details can be updated later. With the new team creation feature, site admin control over an already created team’s details has also been boosted.

Another one of the new features now available in ezLeague v3.5 is the modification of team details. In past versions, site admins were limited to only being able to view an individual teams details, but now they have the option of updating the team’s leader, co-leader, team admin and team name. When adjusting a team’s name, all league and tournament matches will also reflect the new changes. In order to build all of these new features into the online gaming league script ezLeague, there were multiple database modifications that had to be made.

Some of the existing tables (ie: the guilds table) had new columns appended, while other new ezLeague features required entirely new tables to be created (ie: the tournaments table). With the new v3.5 release, it is incredibly important that existing users with an ezLeague installation run the database upgrade script to ensure all required database changes have been made. If you are unsure on how to properly upgrade your existing installation, please consult the ezLeague Wiki.

With all major application upgrades, there is only so much debugging and testing I can do on my own, so please be sure to report any installation issues or bugs you may come across. Going forward, other than any bugs that are reported, development time will be put towards an ezLeague Licensed Version, the official ezLeague Web Site and new theme development.

Finally, if you enjoy ezLeague and the work that goes into it, donations of any amount are always appreciated.

Download ezLeague v3.5

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