There have been countless requests to implement a tournament feature into the free php online gaming league script, ezLeague, and last week it was announced that tournaments will be available in the next big update to the online gaming league script. After about a week of development, all of which was focused on the admin panel, the tournament feature is about 50% complete, with the front-end/public side functionality left to develop.

Within the admin panel, users are able to Create, View and Edit tournaments, along with being able to edit and view the individual matches. For the initial release, admins will have four (4) bracket sizes to choose from: 4, 8, 16 & 32 teams, each of which is assigned to a specific game.

For now, single elimination tournaments will be the only option, with multi-elimination to come at a later date. The primary focus for the initial release is to offer a well-functioning tournament system that gives full control to the admins, while also making it visually appealing to the public user.

At this point, only public tournaments have been created, although a private tournament setting should be developed before releasing the tournament feature update. The private tournaments will be invite only, and could easily be used for Playoff Brackets once a League has completed. Regarding a release date, the goal is to have the tournament feature update available no later than the end of April, so about two (2) weeks away.

Enough of the descriptions, lets get to the video of the tournament feature within the ezLeague Online Gaming League Script admin panel.

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  1. hraki Reply

    Great news!!

    And thanks for making the tournament script!

    If you need any help to translate for other languages just ask, I can translate to Portuguese

    • Michael Reply

      thanks hraki. language translations is definitely something that will need to be added in the future. that may be the next feature to add once the tournament feature is completed. stay tuned for the tournament update, i’m ahead of schedule right now.

  2. hraki Reply

    Tell us when we can update to the new version with the Tournament feature


    • Michael Reply

      with the progress i’ve made over the last few days, i think monday (20th) or tuesday (21st) is a very realistic release date. i should be done sometime this weekend, and then after a bit more testing, it’ll be ready to go. stay tuned hraki, right now i’m way ahead of schedule!

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