Tournament Feature & Themes in the Works

It has been around 6-months since the online gaming league script ezLeague v3 was released, and after over 150 committed code changes, bug fixes and new features added, we now stand at ezLeague v3.4.7. The v3 release has brought a lot of positive feedback, feature requests, and overall a small, yet strong, user base. After taking a step back to analyze the online gaming league script ezLeague as a whole, it is now time to keep the progress going and start building new features and themes.

Work has begun on the most highly requested feature: the ability to create tournaments. With the current ezLeague v3.4.7 at a very stable release, there will now be enough development time available to build tournament capabilities into ezLeague. The goal is to have a working single-elimination beta version implemented into ezLeague by the end of April. This will involve not only a large amount of added code, but also significant database changes/additions in order to bridge both league and tournaments within the same script. To compliment the new tournament feature, there are also plans to release some new theme facelifts for ezLeague.

Always building with Twitter Bootstrap, there are 2 new themes currently in development to be made available for ezLeague between the end of April and mid-May. It is still undecided if both themes will be free, or available as a single package. Without question, though, both themes are being built to better highlight the “gaming league” aspect of ezLeague, especially the soon-to-come tournament feature.

Lastly, before the tournament feature and new themes become available, there will finally be an ezLeague web site launched for the online gaming league script. This new web site is being built not only to show-off the current ezLeague build, but also to advertise the application licensing and hosting that is now available.

In the meantime, keep checking back for updates and screenshots for the new tournament feature and themes.

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