ezLeague Pro: Weekend Launch


Implementing the Ladder System for the ezLeague Online Gaming League Script Pro Version took a bit longer than expected, but that was due to cleaning up a lot of the match/challenge related code for all the competition types to make sure there weren’t any issues. I also ended up re-writing bits and pieces of various League and Tournament functionality to keep the code well structured.

At this point, I am doing some more cleanup of legacy code to bring it up to speed/structure with the rest of the new features. Since beginning this project, each version has (in my opinion), continued to get better both on the functionality/feature side, as well as the code side. There has been a lot I’ve learned over the past year (development wise) that I have brought into the ezLeague codebase, which overall should make ezLeague Pro v1.1 …by far…the best product yet…as it damn well should be.

Look forward to the ezLeague Online Gaming League Script Pro Version to be released this weekend…either Saturday or Sunday. Beta testing is about to begin as well, so there may be some last minute code changes for me to make. Regardless, unless there is a major bug, ezLeague Pro will be released this weekend.

Remember, once you have purchased a copy of ezLeague Pro, all future updates are included, except for any custom features I am contracted to produce for specific installations.

The wait is just about over everyone, so thank you for being so patient this summer. I refuse to release a sub-standard product.

Michael Loring

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    • Michael Reply

      i forgot to take the pre-order discount image down, so no, it will not be offered. it wasn’t until today that it was actually asked about.

    • Michael Reply

      yes, ezLeague Pro will be launched today. i’m finishing the User Role/Permissions Feature for the Admin Panel right now, and then it’ll be set for release. based on the beta testing feedback, this was a feature that absolutely needed to be put in before the first release. i decided to never activate the pre-order functionality and forgot to take the image down.

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