ezLeague Pro: v1.2.9 Released!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! After falling into a food coma, and now recovering from it, v1.2.9 of the ezLeague Online Gaming League Script is now available for licensed users. To date, this is the biggest update that has been released and offers a little bit of everything: new features, general code improvement updates, and styling changes. Overall, this is a significant upgrade not only because of the long update list, but because ezLeague Pro v1.2.9 brings the application to its strongest base yet.

There has been a lot of great feedback, suggestions and comments since the release 2-3months ago, and at this point almost all requested features have been implemented. ezLeague Pro continues to get better with each update, and the feature requests that have been submitted by users are helping to improve both the functionality and base of the Online Gaming League Script.

As I pointed out in the last post, I have welcomed a good friend of mine onto the ezLeague Development Team to help take care of feature requests, and improve the stability and codebase of ezLeague Pro as a whole. Included in ezLeague Pro v1.2.9 is Sean’s first big commit, which includes huge improvements to the Admin Panel, along with some installation script updates.

Besides Sean’s updates, we are now introducing front-end (user side) Language Support for 23 languages thus far, with more to come later. If you’re interested in translating ezLeague Pro into your language, please contact me to help. There has also been a check added to make sure a team meets roster requirements before being allowed to register for a league or tournament. On the Admin Panel side, we’ve introduced a competition mass message feature that allows admins to send a mass email to all other team admins within a specific tournament. Other than that, here is a list of updates going into the ezLeague Online Gaming League Script Pro Version 1.2.9 (only licensed users can access the GitHub Repository):

  • fix: any admin user can promote a user to admin
  • remove team password from team creation / team settings
  • fix: team creation would prepend the users guild column with a comma
  • add format parameter to leagues & ladders (tournaments already posses this field)
  • check that a team roster meets the league/tournament format before allowing them to register
  • add a contact form to the contact us page
  • add back paypal js needed for credits / buy now system
  • refactor all mail sends on the frontend to utilize PEAR Mail, PHPMailer or mail()
  • general admin panel form improvements/requirements (season/user/team creation, file uploads, news)
  • various installation improvements on CREATE TABLE queries (tournaments/leagues/ladders)
  • another slight “accept team invite” improvement
  • team profile template styling updates
  • team profile team link formatting
  • tournament match accept/reject details issue when sending emails through the PHPMailer class
  • send mass message to team admins for tournaments & leagues
  • frontend (user side) language translations for: Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English (USA), English (UK), German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, French, Portuguese, Polish, Norwegian, Russian, Romanian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Ukranian, Vietnamese (more still to come)
  • google analytics support
  • improvement to managing your sites paypal / credit options in the admin panel
  • forget password feature

The ezLeague Pro Frontend Demo  and ezLeague Pro Admin Demo (username: admin   password: ezadmin) has been updated as well, so if you are interested in purchasing a copy of ezLeague Pro, please checkout the demo and take a look.

Again, thank you to all the licensed users for providing feature requests, bug reports, and general feedback. This project has been a blast to work on, and ezLeague Pro will only continue to get better and better.

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