ezLeague Pro: v1.2.8 Released!

November is almost over, winter is here with Chicago just having it’s first snowfall of the year, but the ezLeague Online Gaming League Script has now been updated to version 1.2.8! As usual there were some minor bug fixes addressed, along with some general code maintenance/refactoring. The past few weeks a good friend of mine has slowly been coming onboard to help out with ezLeague development, so it’s great to have another set of eyes, input and competence for the project. He has been able to give a lot of good feedback and ideas on how to make the ezLeague Online Gaming League Script better, and the code more efficient. There are some great ideas transforming into code regarding the tournaments feature.

Bringing some “spice” and a better UI experience to the tournament feature has been an on-going goal and necessity for ezLeague, and that revamp should be available shortly. We have been looking at a few different JavaScript libraries to utilize, and believe to have found the best one to achieve a nicer frontend/UI experience for tournaments. We’re hoping to have those updates included in the v1.2.9 release, which should be available by the end of November, or the first week of December.

As for the new v1.2.8 of the ezLeague Online Gaming League Script Pro Version, here is a list of the updates that were completed and implemented, which can also be tested out on the ezLeague Online Gaming League Script Demo:

  • installation blob column bug fix
  • improved logic for checking the sites current theme, mainly before installation has taken place
  • chmod media, screenshots and avatar folders
  • avoid game related warning errors triggered by the sidebar before installation occurs
  • activate the delete user function in the admin panel
  • remove local font awesome folders since the cdn version is loaded
  • accept team invite bug fix on the frontend user profile page
  • allow admins to add teams to public tournaments
  • implement sorting by console / system navigation & sub-sequent functionality
  • notify the user if PEAR’s Mail class is not installed, which will prevent registration from going through since it’s dependent on an email confirmation for authorizing user accounts
  • fix for 8 team bracket, round 2, where round 2 teams do no exist yet

Overall, thank you very much to everyone who has been following the ezLeague Pro progress, reporting any bugs they encounter, and posting feature requests. The ezLeague Online Gaming League Script Pro Version is truly becoming a fantastic project/application, and is only going to get better and better.

Keep checking back for more updates and information on ezLeague Pro v1.2.9, and do not forget to follow us on Twitter @ezLeagueGaming

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