ezLeague Pro: v1.2.6 Released & Language Translation Coming!

It is now going on 4-6 weeks since the initial release of the ezLeague Online Gaming League Script Pro Version, and the most recent packaged updates for ezLeague Pro v1.2.6 have produced the most stable, and bug free version yet (no reports as of today). As the code base has become stable, it is now time to start moving onto user feature requests that have been posted on the ezLeague Gaming Forums.

The biggest of such requests, and by far the most important, is support for languages other than english…that’s right, ezLeague Pro v1.2.7 will introduce language support for English, English GB, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Polish and Turkish. Implementing language support is a huge step for ezLeague Pro, and will greatly increase the applications availability to non-english speaking users.

This feature should be implemented sometime this weekend. Besides language support, there will also be some more advanced search options implemented, along with platform selection and categorization for games and competitions. At the end of this week, or all of next week, my vacation/holiday time starts, so I will be going on an 8-day coding terror to build in as many new features as possible.

Stay tuned for more updates!


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