ezLeague Pro: Sneak Peak

Development with ezLeague Pro has been a bit slow as of late, but that is mainly because this is a project where quality is the #1 concern. When referring to quality, that doesn’t only pertain to the code itself, but also the entire base/structure of the ezLeague Pro Online Gaming League Script. The foundation being built is meant to offer extensibility to the users running their own site/gaming competitions.

The biggest piece of the extension is the template framework that surrounds ezLeague Pro. The theme included will come in various colors that the user can easily change through the backend Admin panel. This base theme will act as a guide for any future developer who wishes to code their very own ezLeague Pro theme, or customize the current one.

It’s time for me to get back to coding, so here is a small sneak peak at ezLeague Pro v1.1.


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  1. Jonathan Reply

    Overall I’m loving everything I’m seeing coming with ezLeague Pro, do you have any plans of implementing a credit system for the script. Allowing users to purchase credits to use to compete in various tournaments or leagues listed on the script.

    Also, do you have any plans on adding a season based “ladder” system for people to challenge others like Gamebattles, ESL, and UMGaming?

    These two features coming to the Pro version in my opinion would make this the complete package. Looking forward to seeing the final product, really impressed with your doing.

    – Jonathan
    (Ignite Gaming League)

  2. Jonathan Reply

    …. Also I’m not sure if you’ve covered this before but when ezLeague Pro releases will there be a easy upgrade feature or transfer option from “ezLeague Online Gaming League Script” to “ezLeague Pro” without losing all members and settings.

  3. Michael Reply

    @Jonathan, yes, a ladder system will be available in ezLeague Pro (the original ezLeague was actually based on an ELO Ladder system).

    upgrading from the current ezLeague version to ezLeague Pro will be relatively seamless. there will be the normal “database update” to make the necessary changes, but overall you won’t need to worry about losing any of your data. obviously any user should make a database backup before upgrading to Pro.

    there will also be a package available that includes web hosting, site/database transfer and ezLeague maintenance (ex: application updates, database maintenance)

  4. Michael Reply

    @Jonathan next week i’ll be writing the “paid for competitions” feature, but haven’t decided if it’ll be based on a “credit system”, or if users would have to make a payment per individual competition.

  5. Jonathan Reply

    @Micheal I see. I’m pleased to hear that your implementing a pay feature. Looking forward to the outcome, I’m setting up ezLeague tonight since I’ll be able to upgrade with no problem. I already have hosting at the moment.

    I’ll continue to check back, thank you Micheal for getting back to me fast.

  6. Jonathan Reply

    Obviously it’s up to you on what you decide to go with pay by individual or credit system. I’m am highly interested in a credit system because I want to give my users a choice of what tier of credits they wish to purchase, and making sure the credits are transferable to other users. Either way I’m pleased to hear you’ll be adding this feature.

  7. Michael Reply

    @Jonathan i guess my biggest fear is user’s being stuck with unused credits, and then being forced to purchase more credits simply because they didn’t have enough to register for a league (ex: user has 2 credits, but needs 3 to enter a league, and end up having to purchase the minimum of 5, and then having 4 credits left over).

    there are a couple sites i constantly use that are based on credit systems, and the above example is the predicament i constantly get stuck with.

    i’ll have to make a decision though this weekend, as i’ll be writing the “paid for” feature starting tomorrow/saturday.

    • Jonathan Reply

      @Micheal Makes sense I fully understand where you’re coming from regarding the left over credits. Like I mentioned before either choice you go with I’m sure would work well and would support it regardless.

      Credit system is really useful for an esports organizer for sure, being able to award cash, credits and maybe even possibly a points system (ex: Points system for better seeding in LAN events hosted by the organizer) as a prize is a perk for sure.

      I know from my experience seeing a chance to win cash, my credits back and points made it an exciting event.

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