ezLeague Pro: Settings & Inbox

ezLeague Pro, the #1 PHP Online Gaming League Script, is continuing to get closer to a release, as the user inbox, user settings, team settings and downloads page have all been completed. Having a strong user-related backend is an important aspect of ezLeague Pro, and these features greatly improve the “social” aspect of the application. In particular, the team settings and user inbox have been improved from previous versions.

Laid out in a new template design, the settings pages are much cleaner, easier to navigate and generally have an improved flow. The user inbox also has improvements, with the goal of this messaging system to act and display more like an e-mail service than a forum private message system. Similar to an e-mail service, messages can be sent to multiple users with all message responses displayed like a date-based chain. The user’s inbox also now includes a pagination feature, which will avoid the inbox page height from taking up too much space. Along with those improvements, ezLeague Pro will also introduce a new downloads page.

A feature that had been previously requested, the downloads page allows site admins to share file uploads with the community. Built into the ezLeague Pro admin panel, site admins can easily upload files and create custom categories to slot each one. On the front-end public side, the downloads page is dynamically created with the downloadable files displayed within its category. This feature allows site admins to share everything from league server configurations to game related maps. The overall goal of the downloads page is to improve competition organization and to allow for one central archive for site related files.

Enough with the explanations, lets get to some screenshots.

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