ezLeague Pro: Next Feature – Multi-Team Support

With the release, and availability to purchase the ezLeague Online Gaming League Script Pro v1.2.3, it’s now time to continue implementing new features into the Pro version. The first new feature to be implemented is one that has been widely requested, and has been planned for a long time: Multiple Team Support for Users.

This new feature will allow users to join multiple teams from different games, meaning that users will only be able to join one team per game. Going forward, instead of 1 team joining competitions for multiple games, the organization will need to create different teams for each game, but will not have to change their name (ie: CS: GO and Smite can both have a team called oBsolete). Setting up the user/team relationship this way will prevent users from joining multiple teams from the same game. Preventing users from entering competitions under multiple team profiles is also an integral part of this feature, but so is user efficiency and usability.

Users will easily be able to switch between their teams through a simple drop-down select box in the sidebar. Once selected, the user’s team profile will be switched over to the newly selected team, with all the proper team information and data loaded.

Unless any major bugs are reported, writing and implementing the Multiple Team Support for Users is currently the top priority for ezLeague Pro, and should be tested, completed, and implemented sometime this upcoming weekend.

Stay tuned for more updates on new features being implemented into the ezLeague Online Gaming League Script Pro version.

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