ezLeague Pro (Licensed Version)

This weekend marks the beginning of development on ezLeague Pro, the licensed/paid-for-version of the ezLeague Online Gaming League Script. At this point there is no scheduled release date, although a release by the end of June 2015 is the immediate goal.

These early stages of development will be concentrated on the front-end theme design, which will be a huge improvement to the current ezLeague v3 theme. It is doubtful that any design work will be done for the admin panel, but that is not “set in stone” as of yet.

As development progresses the normal updates and screenshots will be posted to give a sneak peak of ezLeague Pro. Regarding functionality, I have compiled a list of requested features from users since ezLeague v3 development started. The feature list will include functionality that is not available in ezLeague v3, and will be posted once it has been finalized. If you would like to make a feature suggestion, please post it on the ezLeague GitHub Issues page.

The licensed version will be built ontop of the current ezLeague v3 framework, but will have general improvements made to the codebase/framework/database structure.

Lastly, there has been no decision made on the cost/pricing of ezLeague Pro. I am still debating if the cost should be a 1-time fee with all features included, or if various features should be split up into modules that users can purchase. No idea, but more details and information will be posted on that later.

For now, enjoy ezLeague v3.5.x and remember, any and all donations are always appreciated!

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  1. Zander Reply

    Excellent news Michael!

    Looking forward to seeing what kind of addition are added to the current framework. It’s really a great start. There are designer elements that would allow creating a unique looking site for each customer, possible with relatively nominal additions to the ‘site’ creation script. I’m a graphic designer( http://zandog.deviantart.com )so if you ever need help or work done on this project (no cost), let me know.

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