ezLeague Pro: Ladder Feature

With the credit system and match notification system completed until beta testing, it’s time to move on to the next feature: ELO Based Ladders.

Since the initial release has taken much longer than initially planned (normal 9-5 work hammered me), the Ladder and 1v1 Support will be the last 2 features added until release. That leaves some of the Message Board integration features (phpBB/IPB) to be added after release, which shouldn’t be too long.

The community has been extremely patient and supportive while ezLeague Pro is getting built, and I want to get out a stable release as soon as possible. With that, I’ll get these last 2 features implemented and then make ezLeague Pro available to the public for purchase.

Stay tuned for details on the actual release date, which shouldn’t be more than another 10-14 days.

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    • Michael Reply

      haha yeah Jeremy, i’m back and ezLeague is better than ever. working on finishing up the Pro version with a bunch of extra features and overall improved code base. my new Skype name is: ezLeague

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