ezLeague Pro: Features, Pricing, Pre-Order & Leagues Section Update

As work progresses, the league section of ezLeague Pro: The #1 Online Gaming League Script is close to being completed. Much of the layout has stayed relatively the same, but the improvements are in the actual display of the content, along with a big improvement on iPad/Mobile responsiveness.

Since ezLeague is built on Twitter Bootstrap, the site is inherently responsive, but just because something is responsive doesn’t mean it looks great. Being able to hide unnecessary fields, and reorganize data accordingly is the improvement that has been made on the responsive side of the league section.

Anyways, this post was meant to be short and gave me another chance to post some screenshots.

Oh…that’s right…the features and pricing list! Keep in mind, the feature list isn’t completed yet, more will be added and any of the information is subject to change. No, you can’t buy anything just yet, but in a few days you’ll be able to pre-order ezLeague Pro v1


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