ezLeague Pro: Credit System & Match Notification

It has been a bit since the last update, but the good news is that the Credit & Match Notification Systems for the ezLeague Online Gaming League System Pro Version are 90% complete and will be finished tonight. The Match Notification System is more or less done, there is simply some more testing that needs to be completed.

The Match Notification System will display a sidebar widget for logged in users that are part of a team. It displays any league or tournament matches that are upcoming within the next 2 days. While the user is logged in, they are able to toggle opening and closing the widget, and that setting will follow them for the duration of their logged in session. The Credit System should be finished this evening as well.

For Admins, when they are reviewing the user/member list, or looking at a specific user profile, the amount of credits a user has will be visible to the admin. They also have the option of managing a user’s credits which will allow them to add or remove credits from that particular user’s account. This will allow for site admins to give credits as prizes, or remove credits if they deem that action necessary.

On the frontend, the user’s credits will be viewable on the left sidebar where the rest of the user’s navigation is (inbox, credits, profile, team). The built-in credit system will be one click away for the user regardless of what page they are on. The final bit to implement is the actual payment processing of the credit purchase, which should be completed this evening minus the extra testing needed.

And now…some screenshots of the Credit & Match Notification Systems

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