ezLeague Pro: Built-In Forum Coming

One of the features that the ezLeague v2 Online Gaming League Script had was a built-in forum, which allowed for admins to not need a 3rd party application (ie: phpBB) to be integrated into their site (though that is a future feature). With about 8 bug fixes being released for ezLeague Pro v1.2.4, the ezLeague Forum will be introduced into ezLeague Pro v1.2.5.

The ezLeague Forum will be introduced with some basic functionality, so features such as post attachments will not be introduced until future updates. All content creation or responses will require a CAPTCHA field to be completed and processed to help avoid Bots from posting. Right now, here is a list of the base features:

  • Create / Edit Topic
  • Create / Edit Replies
  • Admin / User Delete Topics
  • Admin / User Delete Replies
  • Admin Topic / Reply moderation
  • User Post Counts
  • bbCode Integration for emoticons

More features will be added later, but it was important to get a basic forum introduced as quickly as possible. Within the Admin Panel, admins can change the Forum URL if they are already using a 3rd party system, or can remove the forum link entirely so that it will not display on the frontend navigation.

Look forward to this feature being completed and tested within the next day, and available for download by October 13th, 2015. Here are some screenshots:

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