WordPress Comment CAPTCHA Plugin

Like most WordPress blogs, spam comments are a serious pain, and having to “trash” them daily is simply an annoying task. For months, my site has been getting hit with at least 30 daily spam comments, and now the problem is no more. With a simple Google search, my issue has been resolved, and thought I would share the WordPress plugin with the rest of my users.

BotDetect PHP CAPTCHA is an incredible plugin with configuration settings for: login, registration, forgot password and comment WordPress forms. After installing the plugin along with the dependent library, my spam comment issues have been solved. For years, the Akismet plugin was the answer for organizing and preventing spam comments from hitting your site, but with BotDetect PHP CAPTCHA, the spam comment issue has just about been eliminated.

I highly suggest downloading BotDetect PHP CAPTCHA for anyone with a WordPress site, and is constantly being hammered with spam comments.

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