PHP: League & Tournament Script Release

A year ago or so I had heavily modified the most recent version of the KMLeague PHP script, which allowed developers to run their own online gaming league. After a massive overhaul of the code, I came to the realization that writing my own League Script was the better option, and after 4-5 weeks of development I completed a fully-functional Online Gaming League script based on the ELO Ranking System which is most popularly used in Chess rankings.

From there I re-wrote pieces of it to include a Ladder league and then a Tournament system. Over the past 6-8months I have put the code to use with 3 different games, making customized changes for each where necessary, and most notably working with the Challonge API to create the Tournament functionality.

In the next week or so, I will be releasing bits of code and functions from it, and eventually post the full source code. Here are a few of the sites that the script runs on:

Magestorm League (the original script)
Go Pro League
PDoD Playerdex

Stay tuned for the release.