PHP: ezLeague – Beta Testers Wanted

Since my initial ezLeague post I’ve received quite a few emails asking about the progress.

Right now I’m finishing up the Score Submission functionality on the front-end (Guild Admin), and then writing the corresponding back-end Admin side. Assuming I can complete these few tasks today, or by weekends end, it should be just about ready for beta testing and the public release.

If you’re interested in beta testing the script, please shoot me an email or comment on the post. The testing period isn’t about “it’d be cool if we could do this”, but rather, bug testing the functionality that’s currently there. A big reason I’m sticking to the basics with the initial version is for stability, and making sure the initial core functionality works the way its supposed to.

Looking back at my old code from the 3 past projects, almost everything I wrote could have been improved, done differently or was plain old bad code. Not to mention it would have been very difficult for any outside developer to read through my garbage. This mostly happened because new functionality was added everyday, and a proper structure was never sought out.

More importantly, since the script will be public, I needed to keep my code structure simple and readable, without having to add hundreds of comment lines.


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  1. Robert Reply

    Hey Michael. I was wondering if the script is going to be free or have a price on it? If it costs money, how much? Thank you and have a great day!

    • Michael Reply

      the script will be free, but i will probably setup a “donation” button if anyone is interested. i am putting together a beta test user list to help work out any bugs, and am hoping to release the initial version in the next week or so. if interested in helping beta test, please let me know.

  2. AbSCS Reply

    I will be very happy when I tested the script. Can I be a beta tester.

  3. Michael Reply

    awesome, i’m ecstatic to see even a few people interested in beta testing the script. i’ll contact you all this weekend about getting setup.

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