ezLeague: ezLeague Online Gaming League Script Update

The first set of screen shots for my ezLeague Gaming Script. Sadly, my full-time job has been taking up a majority of my time, which has left all of my free time to be put towards my freelance clients. It wasn’t until the past few weeks that I actually had time to start working on this project, and can now share some screen shots.

The project is currently a private repository on GitHub, but will be made public once the challenge system is in working order. Instead of building a custom template system to support ezLeague, I decided to use Bootstrap for the front-end on both the User and Admin portals. Over the past year I have become a huge Bootstrap advocate, and utilize it every chance I have.

Also, since it’s a responsive front-end framework, ezLeague will be 100% device compatible, and more importantly, I don’t have to waste time building out phone, tablet and desktop versions. Above all else, the amount of added customization is only limited by what Bootstrap offers, rather than what I would have been able to support.

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