ezLeague Create League Season & Gaming League Script Update

ezLeague Online Gaming League Script Development Update

Today development began on re-writing the ezLeague Admin Panel and the first set of features to be written dealt with the all new create league season functionality for the free php online gaming league script. My biggest complain on the past admin panel was that it became incredibly disorganized as the project grew, so with ezLeague 3.0 I am putting a lot of emphasis on structure and organization (same goes for the Frontend). A new feature users should notice immediately in the upcoming php gaming league script is the highly requested League Season System (and hopefully Playoff) instead of the previous “challenge” system.

Admins will create individual leagues (think CS-Open, IM, Pro) with standard options, and then be able to add seasons to each league with defined start, end and registration dates. Check out the screen shots below for a sneak peak of the [unfinished] Admin Panel League Options.

ezl-add_season_success ezl-add_season ezl-view_leagues ezl-add_season_calendar

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