ezLeague v3.0 Progress Update

Over the past few weeks it has been extremely encouraging to receive the numerous emails from users asking about ezLeague and when the new version is to be expected. Right now, the end of August seems like a viable goal to have a “stable and working” version released. Until then though, every few days I will try and post a progress update with some screen shots for the community to see how things are going.

Obviously the team and match functionality are the most important pieces of the ezLeague gaming league script, but the core of the application starts with the user base and news content, which has been the development base thus far.

Also, a big thanks to Jack and Alexey for submitting a few great logos thus far.

Well, here is a look at single news item with comments, paginated member page, member search and user profile.

ezl-members ezl-members_search ezl-single_post ezl-user_profile

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