ezLeague v3.0 Gaming League Script Release & Download Link

Yes, you all read that correctly: ezLeague v3.0 beta gaming league script has finally been released and is available for download on GitHub.

I have spent more or less the last 10 hours re-writing the News System and installation script, but after some heavy duty testing, the script seems to be in good enough shape to distribute a beta release.

Please note, tomorrow (Monday) will involve plenty of script updates, so please continue to check back here or on GitHub for new code releases.

After installation, you will see that the forum, about and contact header links are all not working. Updates to those pages will be released tomorrow, along with an update to the Recent Tweets on the sidebar, which will give directions on how to add your own Twitter account to the system.

Check back tomorrow for the first batch of updates, because it’s time for me to head to bed. Also, feel free to add me on Skype: redCrestLoring 

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  1. wladoD Reply


    I have a problem to install your online league script.

    Could you please help me.

    Thank you

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