ezLeague Online Gaming League Script Generate Matches Admin

PHP Online Gaming League Script ezLeague Generate Matches Admin

The last few nights were pretty big breakthroughs in the development of ezLeague the php online gaming league script with the Generate Match Schedules functionality being completed. The challenge system match feature will not be included in the first few releases (maybe later as an extension/plugin), and with match generation probably being the most requested feature, it’s finally here.

Once a League and corresponding Season has been created, teams will be able to register and join that season. Since Admins choose how many teams and weeks are included in a Season, the system allows the admin to generate matches for the individual weeks (each team plays 1 match a week), and either approve or reject them.

When matches are generated, the results are displayed with each individual matchup being noted with either a success or warning: matchup exists message. The goal is for admins to have the ability to create a unique schedule of matchups depending on the amount of teams and weeks. Obviously, the more teams a season has the better chance for unique matchups, but that itself is dependent on the amount of weeks in a season.

If approved, those matchups are stored, but if rejected, the admin can re-generate that weeks matches until they find a week schedule result they like. When a matchup has repeated itself from a previous week, admins will have the ability to manually modify that matchup and assign another team.

Finally, for a sneak peak at the interface, take a look at these functional screenshots below, because my brain hurts and I’m going to bed.

ezl-schedule_generate ezl-schedule_matches ezl-schedule_results

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    • Michael Reply

      The initial beta release will be next weekend. Finishing up the Admin Panel this week. It’s just about ready!

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