ezLeague Gaming League Script View League Details
ezLeague Online Gaming League Script view league details such as standings, schedule, results and registered teams.

With the match details and team admin functionality nearing completion, last night the main concentration was on viewing the league details such as standingsschedulematch results and listing/ searching registered teams. Needless to say, after about 2-3hours, most of the functions were written, and the corresponding pages designed and filled with content. Since ezLeague 3.0 is utilizing a week to week set schedule instead of the old challenge system, allowing users to search and order the match schedule and match results was a big goal.

When users hit the standings page, the table displayed shows the team name, wins and losses, while being ordered by the teams with the most wins at the top (like any normal standings page). There isn’t much to this page, since normally all users care about when viewing an online gaming league standings is which teams are at the top of the table. Moving onto the match schedule page, the user has a bit more control over the content.

Admin users will be able to setup and select a featured match that will be displayed to the left of the schedule table. It will be up to the site admins to swap out the featured match from week to week. With the league seasons being split up into weeks, the schedule will be ordered by such, and the user will be able to use a drop-down form to select what week they want to view schedules from. Similar to the match schedules, viewing the match results works in the same fashion.

The match results page is used solely for that, showing the results of completed matches. The layout is the same as the match schedule page, and users can switch between the weeks they want to view results from, or look at the results as a whole table. The week, home team, away team and score are the only listed pieces of information, but if the user would like to view extended match details like date, time and screenshots, there is a view match details link. The last area for users to view is the list of registered teams.

The goal of any league is for team participation to grow, and when it does, the search team feature on the registered teams page will come in handy. The teams will be listed in alphabetical order, which should make finding a team a bit easier, but the search functionality will always be there to assist you. The point of this page is to quickly show the team nameleader and co-leader, along with a link to view team details such as their roster, schedule and results.

Enough of the explanations, it’s time to show off some screen shots:




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