ezLeague User Inbox & Friend List

This weekend I made a ton of progress on the user functionality for ezLeague, the free php online gaming league script, and should be wrapping that up this week with the user inbox and friend list features done. Thus far, here is a list of all the current user functionality that has been added to ezLeague 3.0:

User Profile

  • Personal Info
    • Name, E-Mail, Web Site, Bio, Hobbies, Occupation, Location, Forum Signature
  • Upload an Avatar
  • Receive multiple team invites and choose what team you want to join
  • Leave your current team

Friend List

  • Add Friends from the Members page
  • Remove Friends from your Profile Settings


  • Create Team
  • Designate a Team Admin
    • Invite users to the team from the Members page
    • Kick players
    • Update team settings (Admin, Leader, Co-Leader, Web Site, Logo)


  • Send & Receive messages from other users (screen shots below)

Other than adding a forum, this is probably the only user based functionality that will be added until the core features of the league / team functionality has been finished. That development will begin this week, which should give me about 2 weeks to produce enough features and launch a stable beta version at the end of August.

Below are some screen shots of the user inbox and friend list features that were written this weekend. As always, please stay tuned for further updates on ezLeague, the free php online gaming league script.

ezl-inbox_view ezl-inbox_compose ezl-friend_list ezl-friend_remove ezl-friend_add ezl-inbox_reply


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