ezLeague Online Gaming League Script Match Details
ezLeague Online Gaming League Script view and set match details, upload screenshots & report disputes

Improving the feature set and functionality for the online gaming league script match details is an integral part of the upcoming ezLeague 3.0 release. The match details will feature separate team admin and team member interfaces, with the team admins being able to discuss and set the match date and time with their opponents team admin. The chat log feature should be used to work out any issues and offer suggestions as to what day and time works best for their team. Both team admins must accept match details before the match score can be reported. Although only team admins can submit match details, all team members can view the information. Since chat logs are being stored, the information provided will be extremely important if a match dispute is filed in the future.

The match dispute feature allows a team admin to fill out a quick form, select a category, and submit a dispute regarding the recent match. Common reasons for disputes would be the other team cheated, used a non-roster member or reported an incorrect score. There is an “other” category for match disputes, but those seem to be the most common reasons for filing. Since team admins can set their league rosters, non-roster member disputes will be completely valid. When a dispute is filed, it will be very important that match screenshots have been uploaded.

Match screenshot upload was a highly requested feature in the past ezLeague online gaming league script versions, but those were limited to only one screenshot. The new feature does not limit screenshots, and only the team admin that uploaded the screenshot will be able to delete it.

Again, this set of features and functionality has been completely re-written, re-organized, and overall should be a huge improvement from the previous ezLeague online gaming league script versions. Another feature that had been requested was demo uploads, and although that functionality will eventually make it into the online gaming league script, right now it is low priority on my list.

As always, check out some screenshots below of the recently completed match details features set.

ezl-match_details ezl-match_score ezl-match_delete_ss ezl-match_reporter_dispute

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