ezLeague Online Gaming League Script Update League Rosters

ezLeague PHP Online Gaming League Script allows team admins to set individual league rosters.

That’s right, in the upcoming ezLeague v3.0 php online gaming league script, team admins will have the ability to set specific rosters for their team based on whichever leagues they are participating in. Once a team admin logs into their account, they can head into the My Guild Settings area and view each of the gaming league seasons their team is competing in. Now, all users will be able to see this data, but only the designated team admin has access to modify these settings.

The site interface has options and pages to view their team match schedule for their individual leagues, along with the corresponding rosters. Since site admins are able to lock and unlock rosters, this means team admins must stay updated with their league rosters. This will ensure and protect from scenarios where teams try to add players that are not normally on their team. Besides the new league roster functionality, the league match scheduling features will also be improved including the match details.

Team admins will use the match details page to setup the match date and time, along with reporting scores and uploading screen shots. Some of these features were already present in the previous ezLeague Online Gaming League Script, but are being re-written to improve the code base and structure.

Overall, the development features and functionality for the php gaming league script continue to make huge improvements for the upcoming release. Stay tuned and continue to check back for more updates on ezLeague v3.0. Now, it is time for some screen shots of the new features:

ezleague view team gaming leagues

View leagues your team is participating in

ezleague gaming league match schedule

View your teams match schedule for a specific league

ezleague team league roster

Team admins can create and update rosters for each league

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