ezLeague Gaming League Script Kick Team From League

Over the past few weeks since releasing the ezLeague gaming league script, there have been 50+ bug fixes and new features implemented, with the most recent being the kick team from league feature. This functionality has been added to the admin panel, and will allow admins to grant a season-long suspension to a given team in a given league.

When kicking a team from a league, the admin must confirm and provide a detailed explanation as to why this team is being suspended from the league. That detailed reason will then be emailed to the team’s admin user, whom in turn is responsible for notifying the rest of their team with this information.

Suspending a team from a league is a very serious action, and should only be done when it is absolutely necessary. When a team is suspended, all of their future matches will be forfeited, and marked as losses for the suspended team, and a win for whichever team they would have been facing. This action is not reversible, and when the league season has come to an end, it is up to the site admins to lift the suspension of that team. Once the suspension has been lifted, no other action is needed to take place.

Besides the kick & suspend team feature, support has also been added for the Mandrill App, which is a free SMTP email service. This is a great new feature in ezLeague because the Mandrill service will handle all email related functionality within the ezLeague gaming league script. Once the site has been updated, the admin can create their very own free Mandrill account, and add those settings in ezLeague. 

At this point, the ezLeague gaming league script has climbed to version 3.3.3, with more future updates still to come. If there is a feature you would like to see added, please head to the GitHub Issues page, and post your feature suggestion. Since ezLeague has entered the stable release stage, that means in the near future paid licensing will be available for the ezLeague gaming league script. More information to be posted shortly about paid licensing.

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  1. Fanzy Reply

    I’m back, and I’ll be upgrading and updating to the newest version of ezLeague! Looking great and looks like there are many new features, looking forward to it! Keep up the good job!

  2. zigstum Reply

    Hi there.
    First off, great job with the script, and thank you for releasing it.
    How would you recommend I implement a single player ladder league?
    Is it something I can do with current configuration options, or would I need to hack a little?
    Thanks 🙂

    • Michael Reply

      zigstum, sorry for such a late reply. it does not matter if it is multi or single player. you could have players register a “team/guild” using their player name. ezLeague does not check to see if it is a single or multi player league, so whether a team has 1 or 100 members, it will function exactly the same

      • zigstum Reply

        No problems on the late reply, and thanks again for releasing this excellent tool.
        Unfortunately, I want to keep both single player competition and team competition. Under current constraints, that would be fine if all players create a single player team to enter a single player league, but the members who have multi-player teams would not be able to create their own single player team also.
        The second issue I faced was the structure of the match & reports. They are CS type matches, where two teams of n players are entered, but this ladder is for a racing game with the format: 12 players per match, each awarded different points according to finishing position, and all results entered into the league table (ladder).
        The CS type format could be used/adapted for the multi-player-team league, which would generally consist of two teams of 4 playing against each other and the team with the most points at end of race get the win.
        A final consideration is the fact that I disabled the user/pass system in favour of a steam login, which I have already implemented.
        After looking through the code, and beginning with an extension of the league-class, I decided it would be preferable due to upgrades to your script, to duplicate the league class and make it a specific ladder class with altered functionality. It’s slow going following all the code trails, but I’m making progress. The thing that is a little cloudy in my mind is the generation of matches, but I haven’t got that far yet.
        You can see/test the steam login:

        I am doing the admin changes locally, but will certainly let you know if I have any problems, and if/when I am done.
        Thanks again for the great script, attitude and support.
        Peace to you 🙂

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